What to Do to Support People Affected by the North Bay Fires

October 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

Here in NorCal, we have been put through the ringer the past couple years with the fires that have directly been affecting our lives. The recent fires in Sonoma County were so close to home, we had to shut down for a while. Now that we are back, we are better than ever and want to let you know how you can support North California and those affected by the fires.

Donate to the County of Sonoma
As the site states, recovery from these fires takes years and takes a lot of financial support. The Community Foundation of Sonoma County organization uses all of its proceeds to go directly to the county. Click here.

Donate to the Napa Valley Disaster Relief Fund
The Napa Valley Vintners pride themselves on preserving Napa Valley wineries and land, a national treasure and leading wine region in the world. Support their cause directly by donating to them.

Volunteer Your Time
The Center for Volunteers and Nonprofit Leadership has teamed up with the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County to bring volunteers the resources to execute help in an effective and efficient way. If you live in the area, we hope you will consider volunteering help build our community back up.

Check in on Relatives or Friends in the Area
Sometimes the support we need is knowing we have emotional support from our loved ones. Send a message or go and visit a friend who has been affected by the fire. Listen to their story and see if you can help in a way that is personal to them.

Donate to Your Local Shelter
Whether it is a homeless shelter or an animal shelter in NorCal or Boston, Massachusetts, the fires are a great lesson for all of us to help each other. Donate your time or items in need at your local shelters. One small act can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Here are just some of the ways to help out our community or yours in a time of need. We invite you to spend some time reviewing and deciding what plan of action is best for you. Thank you to those who have supported our county so far and thank you to the firefighters and law officers who risked their lives to keep members of our community safe.

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