Patron Dispute

Patron Dispute Notice of Claim

In the event of a Patron dispute if the patron is NOT satisfied with the decision of the Casino Management Team the following steps may be taken:  

  • Patrons have the right to appeal the decision to the Dry Creek Gaming Commission. 
  • To appeal Casino Management’s decision, Patron MUST compete the Patron Dispute form, sign below and return it with the Patron Dispute Decision & Right to Appeal letter to the Dry Creek Gaming Commission within 15 days of receiving this letter.  
  • Patron appeal must be addressed to the Dry Creek Gaming Commission, P.O Box 698, Geyserville, CA 95441.
  • Please refer to the attached Dry Creek Gaming Commission’s Patron Dispute Regulation for additional information.
  • Note that if Patron is not satisfied with the decision of the Dry Creek Gaming Commission, the Patron may then appeal its decision to the Tribal Court.
Download Claim Form